Heating system sales, repair, and installation

Bryant furnace installation

Martens Heating and Mechanical is your go to source for furnace installation and repair in and around the Fox Valley.  With nearly 40 years in the business, we are well versed in many different heating options. We offer affordable, energy efficient heating systems, in many styles, from several different vendors. Don’t go another night with that old, inefficient furnace that could leave you freezing at any moment.  Below are a few of the different options and a non-comprehensive list of our heating services. Contact us today to have your home furnace repaired, tuned up, or replaced.

Furnace repair and installation

  • At Martens, we offer an impressive selection of different forced air furnaces.  If you don’t already have the necessary ductwork to incorporate a forced air furnace, don’t worry, we do that also.
  • With different models, sizes, efficiency ratings, and prices; we can accommodate the needs of every client.  We can also customize a solution for the “not so standard” situations.

Boiler repair and installation

oshkosh boiler installation

  • For situations where no ductwork is present in a home, we offer many boiler options to keep you warm.  Often times a boiler is slightly more efficient than a forced air furnace.  They use hot water or steam to distribute heat throughout the home.  Generally this hot water travels through baseboard heaters, but can also incorporate in-floor heat as shown below.

In-floor radiant heat installation

Boiler system by Martens Heating & Mechanical

  • In-floor heat is provided by hot water and is an excellent choice for your home.  The water lines are generally fastened to the floor from the level below.  In situations of new construction, the tubes are often placed within a thin layer of very lightweight concrete, and then the finished floor is placed over that.  The result is a much more even heat, since it isn’t based on one duct per room, which can create hot/cold spots.  This option feels amazing under your feet, especially on the coldest mornings.